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Caberfloor Boards 2400 x 600

Caberfloor Boards 2400 x 600

CaberFloor 2400 x 600 x 22mm and 18mm

Stable, durable and easy to lay.

  • Moisture resistant for humid conditions
  • Strong and robust flooring board
  • Save time and money on your build, with a high density, high performance flooring panel that’s easy to lay and provides an excellent surface for subsequent floor laying operations.
  • Make life simpler with a versatile board that’s available in either 18mm or 22mm thickness, with square-edged or tongue and grooved profile.
  • Do a quality job with a board that offers the precision and stability of an engineered product, with the properties you want built in to each type.
  • Make the job easier with a tongue and grooved variant that’s profiled on four edges, giving a tight, easily fitting joint with maximum strength.
  • Cut time and expense. CaberFloor removes the need for intermediate noggins, as hidden nails or screws can be used with tongued and grooved variant.
  • Squeaky, creaky floors are a thing of the past. By installing CaberFloor with Joint&Joist adhesive, you can achieve a totally silent floor.

CaberFloor P5 is suitable for:

  • Dry domestic
  • Domestic new build
  • Refurbishment
  • Commercial
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