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Plastic Square Downpipe 5.5m

Plastic Square Downpipe 5.5m

This Square downpipe from Brett Martin comes available in a favourable collection of colours and an assortment of sizes, therefore accommodating your preferences and needs while fitting your 65mm Square downpipe system.

The gloss finishes are modern and pleasing to the eye. Manufactured from quality uPVC that excellently resists tarnishing from UV impact and distortion, this Square downpipe maintains its sleek appearance. The lightweight structure eases the process of installation and doesn't add any unnecessary weight that may disturb sturdy mounting.

Features & Benefits: Brett Martin Plastic Square Downpipe

  • Endless colour selection
  • Various lengths for various systems
  • Suits 65mm downpipe system by Brett Martin
  • Gloss finish that goes undisturbed by corrosion
  • Amazing UV stability
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Longevity use
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