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Plastic Square Downpipe Bend 90

Plastic Square Downpipe Bend 90

With a choice of angles, 92.5° and 112.5°, this Square downpipe bend is perfect for creating offset projections in 65mm Square downpipe systems. Brett Martin creates this bend to allow connections between downpipes mounted on the wall and other rainwater system fittings, often the gutter running outlet.

Durable and long-lasting, this downpipe bend from Brett Martin is crafted from sleek and glossy uPVC. It combats the negative effects of corrosion and UV damage in order to last as long as possible, therefore providing you with a cost-efficient product that doesn't give up. With various colours and angles available, this downpipe bend can be picked to perfectly suit your requirements.

Features & Benefits: Brett Martin Plastic Square Downpipe Bend

  • Various angle sizes available for different offsets
  • Commendable colour range
  • Compatible with Brett Martin 65mm Square downpipes
  • uPVC structure that remains glossy and sleek despite UV impact
  • Fights distortion
  • Easy to install
  • Money saving with longevity use
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